Food Processing is the process of converting edible raw ingredients into food and other edible products using various technologies and techniques. Food Processing Industry is a huge industry and comprises of various sectors like Grain Processing, Dairy, Vegetable Processing, Packaged Foods, etc.

The Indian Food Processing Industry is among the largest food processing industries in the world and stands at 5th position in the world in terms of production, consumption, and exports. Also, the Food Processing Industry plays a vital role in boosting the economy of the country and contribute over Rs 84,000 Crore in India’s GDP annually.

The Indian Food Processing Industry for the past 5 years is growing at a rate of more than 8%, which shows good performance of this industry. The Indian Food Processing Industry is also among the largest employment creators in the country and offers ample job opportunities.

India is the second most populated country in the world and there is always a huge demand of food. The demand for food is increasing with increase in population, which has led to the entry of many multinational and domestic companies in food processing sector. This post describes about the top 10 food processing companies in India: