Aerospace industry combines aeronautics and astronautics into design, research, manufacturing, operation, maintenance etc. This field is very diverse with a multitude of industrial, commercial and military applications. Both public and private sector companies are engaged in this sector, which has led to a swift development of the country in the Aerospace sector.

Aerospace companies are engaged in designing and production of missiles, aircraft, spaceship, airbus, helicopters, cruise missiles etc. The development of aerospace companies has made India a self-reliant country in the field of defence.

Aerospace industry in India not only carries a great responsibility in safeguarding the nation’s defence system. It is internationally competitive international quality standards, manufacturing facilities, product design, reconfiguration & customisation, technological aspects etc. It is expected that India’s current manufacturing activity is going to grow more than eighth times by 2024.

In this article we have rounded up the list of Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India, for your informed knowledge about the former scenario.