Payment Gateway facilitates online transactions between the payer and payee. This technology was introduced by software companies in collaboration with the financial service providers such as Visa, Master Card.

A payment gateway is built from a secured encrypted connection created between your portal and the commercial bank, which enables fund flow through different channels debit card, credit card, internet banking, prepaid cards and mobile wallets.

It is the heartline of online businesses as the digital transaction has become very widely used and relied upon. The user has to fill in the payment details of the holder financial instrument and complete transaction.

Before opting out any payment gateway there are certain factors that should be kept in mind such as subscription charges, payment cycle, plugin compatibility, customer services, transaction success ratio, types of payment that are accepted, which all domestic and international cards are allowed etc.

There are many online payment gateways available in India, but we have rounded Top 10 Payment Gateway Providers in India, for you to make informed decisions