Geyser has turned out to be the basic necessity in order to cope up with extreme weather conditions. There are several types of water heater available in the markets like Solar Geyser, Instant Geyser, Tank water heater, Tankless water heater, Energy efficient water heaters etc.

There are numerous criteria that one needs to pay heed to like its purpose & usage, installation/mounting space, the wattage of geyser, its size, the kind of heating element you are looking for, whether one want visible & changeable thermostat etc. which tends to directly impact the electric consumption & thus, your monthly bills.

Geyser is one of the most sought after equipment for any household and with the modern technology adopted by the manufacturers these days ensure the geysers are energy efficient in nature and produce hot water as per need.

Branded & ISI certificated geysers tend to offer safety, guarantee and satisfactory customer service or support. We have shortlisted some of the top geyser manufactures of the country in the list of top 10 best Geysers in India 2016 that will offer you value for your money.