Share is a part of an organization, which is purchased by a buyer and gives the buyer an authority to claim the profit as well as the loss of the company. Share can be a good option of investment and can offer good returns if invested smartly. In India, there are 3 types of shares, which are Equity Share, DVR Share and Preference Share. These shares are different in terms of voting rights and dividends. Among all types of share, Preference Share has a priority over the other two types of share in terms of voting rights and dividends.

Now, the question arises, Why some small companies have costliest shares and big corporations have shares of comparatively less price? The answer is Stock Split. Generally, companies after a certain period of time split their stock to reduce the price of their shares. But, some companies don’t split their stock and as a result price of their shares keeps on rising and become some of the costliest shares in the country and the world.

In this post, we have described the costliest shares in India, which have some of the highest prices in the country. Apart from being costliest shares in India, these shares also offer a decent return and growth. So, here is the list of Top 10 most Expensive Shares in India: