Health Insurance can be termed as the insurance, which cover all the medical costs involved in the treatment of illness or disease. At sometimes fixed contingencies have to be made in advance to overcome future mishap and thus, the need of health insurance arise. It’s always beneficial to have a Health Insurance Policy so as to avoid hefty treatment and medication costs.

Health insurance is just securing your future towards safe health but its also a major necessity in today’s modern life too.

Depending on the type of policy availed, either insured person pays the cost of treatment and get reimbursement later or the insurer makes payment on the behalf of the insured person. The policyholders get avail lots of health benefits depending upon the kind os health insurance policy one has opted for.

Presently, there are numerous health insurance companies in India, but to select the best one is really a difficult task. To solve this problem, here is the list of Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in India.