The Indian Insurance Sector is among the biggest insurance sectors in the world with an annual insurance policy of over 35 Crore people. At present, the total value of the industry is about $60 Billion, which is anticipated to cross the mark of $160 Billion in next 10 years.

What is a General Insurance?General Insurance is a type of insurance, which is not a life insurance and covers losses and damages of many products like automobile, house, health, etc. In the present era of unpredictability, general insurance is a necessity that protects our valuable products.

General Insurance is a diversified domain and cover insurance of various products. Travel Insurance, Fire Insurance, Motor Insurance and House Insurance are some of the products of general insurance.

There are many general insurance companies operating in the country and out of them, some are government and some are private. This post describes about the Top 10 Best General Insurance Companies in India: