HR or Human Resource one of the most precious and indispensable component for the success of the organization.

For an organization to prosper, the workforce should fit right as it will impact the company in the long run. The role of  ‘HR Companies’ is to ease the task of recruitment for a company by giving a filtered workforce and thus, paving a promising and stable organizational growth path.

The HR industry has witnessed some evolutionary leaps in the past few years with the inevitable impacts of technology and the growth of domestic homegrown multinationals. New concepts like a combination of social, cloud, and mobile technologies, commonly referred to as SOCOMO is much in vogue thus, adding innovation to the HR field.

There are numerous HR companies having portfolios covering a broader spectrum of services operating in the country and helping reputed organizations to streamline the human resource processes at the clients end get the best workforce hired.

With the evolving trend of HR, there are many companies offering HR, staffing and recruitment solutions but only a few carve out a niche in the industry. This post is a sneak peek into the list of top 10 HR Companies in India for enabling better judgments in order to gain access to a larger pool of quality talent and ensure the right hiring.