The Infrastructure of the country plays a vital role in its growth, as it forms the base for development and opens the way for multidimensional development. Infrastructure is a vast sector, which includes the physical appearance of any airport, road, dam, building, etc.

For Developing Country like India, Infrastructural Development is of utmost importance and various infrastructure companies are contributing effectively to the growth of the nation.

Infrastructure is basic physical and organizational structures that are needed for the operation of a society/enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. It can be defined in simpler words as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide a framework supporting an entire structure of development.

Infrastructure plays an important role in the economic development of an economy, as its a factor that can either give a boost or impede the development of the overall economy.

The core sectors of infrastructure include energy, transport, education, etc. Infrastructural growth gives a boost to the urbanization, contribution to the national income, employment generation, Attract FDI, PPP initiatives, Capital formation, entrepreneurship, and rural development.

This article lays down the list of Top 10 Infrastructure Companies in India on the basis of market capitalization.