Cement companies play a critical role in the economic infrastructural development of the country by and large. The Indian Cement Industry is among the largest cement industries in the world on the basis of the production.

The Cement industry in India has more than 365 small cement manufacturing units and 131 large cement manufacturing units. Where the large ones contribute more than 94% of the total output of the cement and 6% by the small fragmented firms (unorganized sectors).

There are several types of cement that are produced by these companies such as OPC ( Ordinary Portland Cement), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), White Cement, etc. Cement Companies in India are growing at a rapid pace and is expected to boost immensely as a result of large scale infrastructure development projects. This sector helps in boosting the economy of the country, as cement is said to be one of the most consumed material on the planet.

India has more than 70 companies and has more than 200 cement plants, which offers high quality of cement. In this article, we have outlined the list of Top 10 Cement Companies in India, where the company’s ranking have been made on the basis of market capitalisation.