It is an inevitable fact that, every product which we are using today has certain degree of plastic in it, in some way or the other. The plastic industry in India enjoys a large market potential, which attracts more number of investors in the segment from the past few years.

Plastic is a primary product that is used in manufacturing in several other industries, including the building & construction, electronics, areospace, commodities, packaging, transportation etc. Being a part of the petrochemical industry, plastic engineering plays a vital role in the industrial sector.

There are certain types of difference in the kinds of plastics which are manufactured by the companies for various products, such as drinking water bottle, juice containers, garbage bags, medical tubing, plastic wraps, syrup bottles etc. Defining by names, there are PET/PETE, HDPE, Vinyl/PVC, LDPE, PP, PS plastics that are manufactured by the Indian industries.

The Plastics Export Promotion Council (PLEXCONCIL) is the apex (government) body which is responsible for the promotion of plastic exports in the country. The member companies of this council varies from large, medium to small-scale manufacturers and exporters. PLEXCONCIL supports its exporters to participate in international trade fairs, organising buyer-seller meets, exploring new markets, and engaging in their promotion etc.

In this article we have rounded up the list of Top 10 Plastic Companies in India, here have a look!