Shipping is an important means of transportation that allow movement of goods and cargo by sea. Shipping plays an important role in improving the economy of any country through the movement of essential goods and services to and fro the country.

The Indian Shipping Industry is a huge and important industry and plays a vital role in the transportation of goods and cargo. Its importance can be traced from the fact that more than 90 percent of the country’s trading by volume is done through shipping.

India has 199 ports and out of the 12 are major ports and rest are non-major ports. Also, the total cargo traffic in this financial year was more than 1,000 Million Metric Tonnes, which is expected to cross the mark of 1,700 Million Metric Tonnes by 2017.

Difference between Shipping and Logistics Company:The main difference between Shipping and Logistics Companies is that Shipping Companies transports goods and cargo from one seaport to the other seaport, whereas Logistics Companies have a broader role and involves the transportation of goods and cargo from source to destination.

Shipping Companies are thus important for any country’s economy and at present, there are many domestic and multinational shipping companies operating in India. This post describes the Top 10 Largest Shipping Companies in India: