Retail Companies are those companies, which offer goods and services to customers through a proper channel or distribution network. Retail Companies are an important part of the economy and account for more than 23% of the country’s GDP.

The Indian Retail Sector is an enormous sector in the country, whose worth is nearly  $500 Billion. It is growing swiftly and its value is expected to cross the mark of $1 Trillion by 2024.

Retail Companies not only ensures regular availability of goods along with right price, ambience and good quality all under one roof meanwhile also offering a large number of job opportunities.

Due to the presence of huge potential, many multinational and domestic companies have made debut in the retail sector. With the evolving urban lifestyle and growing income of consumers, the retail industry has shown tremendous growth has let myriad of retail companies step into the Indian markets.

Let’s have a bird’s eye view on top 10 Retail Companies in India.