Top 10 Largest Fertilizer Companies in India

Fertilizer plays an important role in improving the agriculture sector of the country by improving the fertility of the land. Fertilizers are mainly of two types, which are organic and inorganic. Organic Fertilizers are made up of organic substances like vegetable matter and animal matter, whereas inorganic fertilizers are made up of chemical compounds.

The Indian Fertilizer Industry comprises of various government and private fertilizer companies. Straight Nitrogenous, NP/NPK Complex, and Straight Phosphatic are the types of fertilizers produced in India.

The production of different types of fertilizers in India is increasing every year. Urea is the most common fertilizer in the country, whose production in the last financial year was more than 227 Lakh Metric Tonnes.

There are a large number of fertilizer companies in India, which produces different types of fertilizers essential for the agriculture sector. This post describes the Top 10 Largest Fertilizer Companies in India: