Automobile Companies are growing swiftly and responsible for the design, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of cars and other vehicles. Automobile Companies manufacture various vehicles like passenger cars, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles, etc.

The Indian Automobile Industry is a leading automobile industry in the world and among the fastest growing automobile industries in the world. The Indian Automobile Industry has a significant contribution in the country’s economy and accounts for more than 20% of manufacturing GDP.

The hugeness of the Indian Automobile Industry can be traced from the fact that over 2 Crore Vehicles are manufactured annually. Also, the annual vehicle sales in India is more than 40 Lakh, which is expected to increase in upcoming years.

There is always a high demand of automobiles in India, which resulted in the entry of new domestic as well as multinational automobile companies to join the league of automobile makers. Presently, there are more than 30 automobile companies in India, which offer automobiles packed with the latest technology and features. This post describes about the top 10 automobile companies in India: