Are you worried about the skyrocketing price of fuel? Then, you should not because in this post we have compiled the list of India’s most fuel efficient diesel cars. Diesel Cars in the present era is the need of the hour because diesel cars not only offer a better fuel efficiency but also a huge raw power.

The demand for diesel cars is always more than petrol cars as diesel car offer huge power and makes you hit any sort of terrain without giving a second thought in mind. Diesel cars also have a better fuel efficiency than petrol cars so you will get more mileage per drop of diesel.

Apart from being powerful and fuel efficient, Diesel cars also have a better resale value as compared to petrol cars. So, diesel car will not only save your money while using but also offer a good amount of money, when sold.

Almost all car makers make diesel cars packed with features, technology, power, and fuel efficiency as there is always a great demand for it. Every month, one or the other car maker rolled out its latest diesel car, making competition among all companies more intense. This post describes the Top 10 most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars in India:



With a mileage of 27.62 kmpl, Maruti Suzuki Celerio is the most fuel efficient diesel cars in India. Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a true performer in terms of performance, style, and mileage.

Powered by 793 cc DDis diesel engine, Maruti Suzuki Celerio provides an extra edge not only over fuel efficiency but also on performance. The all aluminum engine used in this car is packed with turbocharger and intercooler, which makes this car more fuel efficient on every drop of fuel.

Mileage: 27.62 kmpl



Jazz is the third diesel car of Honda in this list and occupied a 2nd position in the list of top 10 most fuel efficient diesel cars in India. Honda is an automobile company known for making cars packed with the latest technology and features.

Powered by a 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine, Honda Jazz offers one of the best in class mileage of 27.3 kmpl. i-DTEC Diesel engine is made up of aluminum and uses low friction technology that offers great mileage.

Mileage: 27.3 kmpl



Stunning Looks, Dynamic Design, and Great Fuel Efficiency are some of the words that can define this car. Powered by a highly efficient diesel engine, Dzire can turn your long journey unstoppable without any worry of refueling.

The diesel engine used in this car is of 1.3 liter, which gives a power of 75 Ps and 190 Nm torque. This huge power is enough to take you any sort of terrain with good fuel efficiency.

Mileage: 26.59 kmpl



Ciaz, another car of one of the most trusted car makers in India, Maruti Suzuki has made into this list. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a smart hybrid diesel car, which uses smart hybrid technology in its engine that improves the fuel efficiency of the car and draws huge raw power.

Idle Stop and Start, Gear Shift Indicator and Torque Assist Function are some of the features of this car that helps in improving fuel efficiency. Also, the 1.3-liter diesel engine gives good power of 66 kW and 200 Nm torque.

Overall, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is good fuel efficiency and power diesel car that will make you are each drive comfortable. Also, it comes with the trust of Maruti Suzuki, which is like a cheery on the top.

Mileage: 26.21 kmpl



With a mileage of 26 kmpl, Honda City has occupied the 5th spot on this list. Honda City is a complete package of style, fuel efficiency, power, and features.

The engine used in this car is of aluminum and uses low friction technology, which gives best in class mileage and huge raw power. The engine used in this car is of 1.5 liter, which gives 100 Ps power and 200 Nm torque.

Mileage: 26 kmpl



Ford Figo Aspire is another great fuel efficient diesel car and stands at 6th in the list of top 10 most fuel efficient diesel cars in India. Ford Figo Aspire is powered by 1.5-liter diesel engine, which churns out 100 Ps power and 215 Nm torque.

This huge engine not only offers a complete package of power but also gives an impressive fuel efficiency. The engine used in this car is engineered in such a manner that balances power and fuel consumption pretty well.

Mileage: 25.83 kmpl



Amaze is one of the most selling diesel cars of Honda, which revolutionized this segment. The engine used in this car is a real marvel of engineering, which reduces the friction and improves fuel efficiency of the car.

Mileage: 25.8 kmpl



Chevrolet Beat, one of the most stylish and popular diesel car in the market is next on this list. With a mileage of 25.44 kmpl, Chevrolet Beat is a great car to travel long distances without worrying about fuel consumption.

Powered by a 1.0 XSDE Smartech Diesel engine, Beat offers an impressive mileage along with style and comfort. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Dual Airbags and Safety Cage are features that make this car safe and secure.

Mileage: 25.44 kmpl



Indigo eCS is one of the most selling cars of Tata Motors and occupied ninth position in the list of top 10 most fuel efficient diesel cars in India. Tata Indigo eCS is a car that stands for efficiency, style, and comfort.

Powered by a 1.4-liter diesel engine, Tata Indigo eCS offers great fuel efficiency along with unparalleled comfort and power. This diesel car is for those who want to own a car with a perfect combination of power and mileage.

Mileage: 25.4 kmpl



10th position on this list is occupied by Maruti Suzuki Swift, one of the hot favorite diesel cars of the nation. Since its launch, Swift revolutionized the mid-range diesel car segment by offering great fuel efficiency, huge power, and dynamic looks.

Powered by 1.3-liter diesel engine, Swift offers adrenaline pumping experience and churns out a power of 75 PS and 190 Nm Torque. The engine of this car is designed in such a manner that it gives a huge raw power along with great mileage.

Talking about comfort then this features packed car takes the comfort to the next level by offering hassle-free and comfortable ride every time you hit the road. Reverse Parking Sensor and Dual SRS Airbags present in this car ensure worry-free ride every time.

Mileage: 25.2 kmpl