SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is the latest trend among car buyers, who want more power, comfort, and space as compared to sedan and hatchback cars. Apart from these advantages, SUVs also provide an extra edge over other types of car in tough terrains and tough climatic conditions.

Presently, the sales of SUVs in India are on a boom and many SUVs can be seen every time driving on city streets. SUV in India has a long way to go as now people are thinking beyond hatchback and sedan cars and want to own something that would deliver great performance and style every time.

Whether you want to go out for off-roading or want to try some tough terrains, SUV is the best companion. SUVs comes packed with huge power, features and latest technology, which makes every trip a memorable one.

With the increase in popularity of SUVs, the sales of SUVs are breaking records of previous years and sales figures are expected to grow bigger in upcoming years. This has resulted in the entry of many domestic and multinational companies in the SUV segment in India. And every year, these companies roll out SUVs packed with great features and technology. This post describes theĀ Top 10 Best Compact SUV in India: