The Indian Economy is one of the largest economies in the world and has a significant impact on the World’s Economy. India is a center of a myriad of companies, belonging to different domains like Information Technology, Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Beverage, etc.

Market capitalization is a term used to depict the aggregate valuation of the company based on its current share price & the total number of outstanding stocks. It can be calculated by multiplying the current market price of the company’s share with its total outstanding shares. Market Capitalization is the value of all shares of a company at a particular time and keeps on changing time to time.

Market capitalization, in short, is the value of the stock which indicates the shares held by the public. The public or semi-public companies which are registered with the NSE keep its financial records open for its stakeholders.

Shares or stocks are classified into three categories using the concept of capitalization viz. small caps, mid caps, and large caps. Here is the list of Top 10 Largest Companies in India by Market Cap.