Trading companies are companies that work in diverse domains, which include consumer, minerals, energy, etc. Trading companies are like middlemen as they trade within the country or with multiple countries in the world. Trading companies connect buyers and sellers, but not take part in the ownership or storage of goods, earning their revenue from commissions on sales.

In the present era, it’s really difficult for a company to produce its products and sell them to customers. Now, here comes the role of a trading company. The company assigned its different parts of making a product to different trading companies, which completes all parts of product making and gives the finished product to the client.

These companies are best in their business and offer great business solutions to the masses of India. There are thousands of trading companies in the Indian market which are currently working in the Indian market.

There are a large number of trading companies in India that provide quality products to customers. This post describes the Top 10 Trading Companies in India by Market Cap 2017.