The Indian Cosmetic Industry is one of the fastest emerging industries in India and is expected to expand more in the upcoming years. The main reason behind the rapid growth of the industry is women are getting more conscious of their looks and are trying several products to look at their best. The cosmetic market in India has seen a boost at a tremendous rate, with growing fashion trends and desire to look presentable.

It is no surprise that cosmetics have been relied upon by most of the women these days. It includes lipsticks, mascara, kohl, eye shadow, face powder, primer, foundation, rouge, face lotion etc. in its range of products.

Cosmetics helps in altering and enhancing the appearance by adding tonality of the face. The increase in demand for the cosmetic products has attracted various domestic as well as international players to join this segment.

This post lays down the Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in India which helps to make an informed decision and better choice.