Crowdfunding has been a nascent trend in the country and has been taking toddler steps in the past few years with ascending popularity day by day. Before coming to the top tens we will be discussing here the meaning of crowdfunding for your better understanding.

Crowdfunding is pooling of funds by a group of people who feel for a cause or an idea relating to Social causes, Business/Startups, and Arts & Culture, etc. The concept of online crowding is quite popular in the west. Among the varied types of crowdfunding the most popular is reward-based crowdfunding which is also 100% legal in India which has received the best responses till date and still going strong. There are times when it is difficult to change things alone than in crowd and hence, crowdfunding.

There are several models of crowdfunding like Donation model, Charity model, Reward Crowdfunding, Lending Model, Investment Model, etc. Crowdfunding websites serve as online platforms help start-ups or small businesses meet their funding requirements and at a later stage helps in gaining acceptance of the product in the market.

Let us now unveil in this article the list of top 10 best crowdfunding websites in India, enabling you to pick out the choicest platform to manifest your dreams soon enough keeping in mind the inherent virality of social media.