Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of outsourcing or contracting tasks of business to a service provider. This is mainly done in order to reduce expenses of company because some markets like Asia offer this work in lower prices as compared to other parts of the world.

The Indian Business Process Management Industry is a swiftly growing industry in India and in the last financial year, it grew by over 16%. The industry is among the world’s biggest business process outsourcing centres and account for more than 35% of the global outsourcing market.

The industry today is a mammoth industry and generates over $23 Billion revenue every year. The industry not only contribute significantly in the country’s economy, but also offer a large scale employment in the country.

India in a past few years has grown into one of the biggest BPO centres in the world. Every year new BPO companies are joining this league and taking the quality of services to greater heights. This post describes about the Top 10 BPO Companies in India: