With the growing years, there is a steep rise in the standards of living in the country. Teeming millions advancing towards the vogue of interior designing and home decor in recent years have transcended furniture from a necessity to a luxury and style statement too.

The Indian furniture industry is valued around 887.50 million in 2014 employing more than 5 lakh workers in India. The furniture industry showcases a diverse portfolio where the base material preferred majorly includes teak, sal, deodar, mahogany, white cedar, silver oak, pinewood, etc.

Furniture has taken different forms in shapes and designing with garden furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom, upholstered and also tailor-made ones catering the needs of customers.

Indian companies operate directly on the market, online platforms and through distributions and manufacturers best furniture with latest designs. Here we have rounded up the list of top 10 furniture brands in India 2016, enabling you to choose best to suit your comfort and style.