The shirt is an integral part of clothing and plays a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of an individual. Shirt with good color, texture, and material gives an extra edge to a person over others. Whether it’s a formal shirt or a casual shirt, by choosing a perfect one can make you the talk of the show.

Shirt is of different types, that include formal shirt, casual shirt, polo shirt, etc. The shirt is a part of clothing, which is one of the basics of the life of a human being. With the increase in population, the sales of the shirt are increasing rapidly.

Shirts are made by the textile industry, which plays a vital in any country’s economy by providing one of the basics of life, i.e. clothing. Talking about the Indian Textile Industry then its a mammoth industry, offering a source of employment to over 3.5 Crore people of the country.

With the passage of time, the sales figures of shirts are increasing and with the increase in demand many domestic and multinational companies have joined the league of shirt makers. Raymond, Louis Phillipe, Park Avenue and Van Heusen are some of the most popular shirt brands in India. And a pair of shirts of these brands can be easily found out in the wardrobe of an individual. This post describes the top 10 best men’s shirt brands in India: