Top 10 best Perfume Brands for Men

Perfume the name itself is enough is refreshing and quintessential. It has become a very integral element in dressing and grooming these days and thus, a must-have accessory in men’s wardrobe.

A sizable chunk majorly covered by the foreign brands have been getting a great response in India, due to increase in the disposable income and considerable spending on lifestyle products.

Perfumes have always been more than just a fashion statement as it primarily evokes a feel good factor in its consumer first and then for others.

Talking about the choice of fragrance, it entirely depends on personal preferences, the way one wants to give a fashion statement, the personality type one carries or whether his senses are pleased with scents of woody, oriental, floral, fresh etc.

There are numerous options of perfume brands available on the online portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc. To make a choice from a huge variety of perfumes is a hard nut to crack, while making sure that compliments your persona. Thus, we have rounded up your list of top 10 perfume brands for men in India 2016 for enabling the potential buyers to make an informed choice.