Private Sector Banks are the banks in which larger equity share is held by the private shareholders. These Banks are growing swiftly due to the excellent customer services offered by them.

Private sector banks are the ones whose greater part of the equity is held by private shareholders, unlike the government banks. Private banks either fall in the category of either existence prior to nationalisation in 1969 or the ones that have gained the licence since the liberalisation in the 1990s.

Though banking in India has been dominated by the public banks by and large. These banks have an integral role to play in the economic and financial development of the economy.

The private sector banks have grown faster & much bigger over these two decades with the employment of latest technology, innovations and recent monetary tools and techniques in India. There are a large number of private sector banks in India that delivers customer-centric services and offer quality products.

There are more than 20 private sector banks in India, but the ones with the highest market cap has only secured the position in this list of Top 10 Private Sector Banks in India.