Laptop once considered a luxury has now become an important gadget in the present era of technology-rich world. Laptops are not only handy, but are packed with features that make them way ahead of the traditional computers.

Laptops with different usages such as consumer laptops, business laptops, ultrabooks, budget laptops, gaming laptops can be spotted in the market. Ther are lots of features that must be kept in consideration before buying one such as configuration, tech support, display, quality, OS, Warranty, Hard disk, features, design, Processor, Graphic card, after sales services, weight etc.

The sales of laptops are growing swiftly and has outnumbered the personal computer sales. The Indian Market is flooded with numerous laptop brands, thereby making it difficult for the users to decide the best one for them. Whether one buys it from the online shopping websites or from the brand outlet the variety of laptops are multitude in number.

This post lays down the Top 10 Most Popular Laptop Brands in India on the basis of popularity, which will help you to figure out more about the brands.